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Genealogie für Böhmische Länder: Literatur-Hinweise / Bibliography

Sommer, Johann Gottfried: Das Königreich Böhmen,
statistisch-topographisch dargestellt, in 16. Bändern

Unter books.google.com/ sind die alten Bücher von J.G. Sommer alle digital erfaßt.

Band 15, Elbogener Kreis, Übersetzung in Englisch von Urs Geiser
(URL: http://home.xnet.com/~ugeiser/Genealogy/Bohemia/contents.html).

   1. Band: Leitmeritzer Kreis, 1833  (Litomerický kraj) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-00-7)
   2. Band: Bunzlauer Kreis, 1834     (Boleslavský) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-01-5)
   3. Band: Bidschower Kreis, 1835    (Bydzovský) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-02-3)
   4. Band: Königsgrätzer Kreis, 1836 (Hradecký) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-03-1)
   5. Band: Chrudimer Kreis, 1837     (Chrudimský) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-04-X)
   6. Band: Pilsener Kreis, 1838      (Plzenský) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-05-8)
   7. Band: Klattauer Kreis, 1839     (Klatovský) Reprint ISBN 3-902318-06-6)
   8. Band: Prachiner Kreis, 1840     (Práchenský) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-07-4)
   9. Band: Budweiser Kreis, 1841     (Budejovický) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-08-2)
  10. Band: Taborer Kreis, 1842       (Táborský) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-09-0)
  11. Band: Caslauer Kreis, 1843      (Cáslavský) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-10-4)
  12. Band: Kourimer Kreis, 1843      (Kourimský) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-11-2)
  13. Band: Rakonitzer Kreis, 1845    (Rakovnický) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-12-0)
  14. Band: Saazer Kreis, 1846        (Zatecký) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-13-9)
  15. Band: Elbogener Kreis, 1847     (Loketský) (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-14-7)
  16. Band: Berauner Kreis, 1849      (Berounský) Reprint ISBN 3-902318-15-5)
            Indexband                            (Reprint ISBN 3-902318-16-3)

Karte von Böhmen mit Verwaltungsgrenzen von ca. 1800 / Map of Bohemia with political boundaries from circa 1800.
Boehmen-Bohemia 1800

Das Werk gibt u.a. an:

Further information thanks to the contribution by Karen Hobbs, USA:
I found the book(s) listed in the OCLC World Catalog. There were about eight libraries in the U.S. that had all or part of the collection and several of them would lend the various volumes. University of Berkely (CA) has the entire collection on microfilm and also has the negative of the microfilm. They indicated they would make a copy of the microfilm for someone to buy at about $75. Or they will lend portions of the microfilm to a local library.

There is an index of places included at the back of each volume but most librarians will not search the index for the names of given places in order to help you select which book you want. I spent some time on long-distance calls to libraries with the books trying to find someone who would tell me what was in them -- without luck. One of the reasons is that the books are in Fraktur and that makes the indexes impossible to read when the librarian is un-schooled in German.

I would suggest that those who know their villages are in border areas between two districts should request the books from both districts in order to be sure they get the right one.

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